In my non-academic life, I am a politics junky and actually starred as a garbage man in a primetime television commercial for Lt. Col. Hal Bidlack's bid for Colorado's 5th Congressional District seat. For a good laugh, I've included the YouTube video of it below.

Here, Annabel Park and I interviewed author John Avlon on BlogTalk Radio.
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I also love to play basketball and have done so since I was a wee little lad. If you want to dig up some news articles from my high school playing days, you can visit this St. Augustine Record page with stories on some of the games.

My pup, Mojo.

Sometimes my best friend and I would try to manage our existential terrors at Hippie Bars in the radical liberal outgrowth of Colorado Springs--Manitou Springs--where our adviser (Tom Pyszczynski, center) played Bass in his long-running Reggae band.

Other times, we like to climb 14,000 foot mountains.