Stats Resources and Tools
Description Tool
R - Required stats pRogRam for my students Here
RStudio - Strongly recommended user interface for R Here
The absolute best (and free!) resource for learning R and analyzing data in R, by Alex Demos Here
A really good tool to automatically check your statistics, by Michèlle Nuitjen Here
If you use MTurk, you should be vigilant about participants trying to game the system. In 2018, the proportion of suspicious participants (some suspect "bots") increased. To address this, my grad student (JP Prims) and I created a tool to score your respondent's botliness / fishiness Here
Learn about doing better science, and possibly get some stats consulting at the Center for Open Science Here
Do better, more transparent science with the Open Science Framework Here
Very nice, simplified explanations of moderation and mediation, by Dave Kenny Mod, & Med
Some easy-to-use online stats calculators, by Kris Preacher Here
If you'd rather not use the pwr package in R (or other packages) to do your power analyses, check out G*Power Here
Miscellaneous open source software for open science Here

If you have any resources that may be helpful, please do not hesitate to send it along.